Sennheiser SKM500 G4 E945 Handheld

Sennheiser’s SKM 500 G4 gives you tour-ready, secure wireless that’s easy to use. 88MHz of bandwidth delivers a massive 3,520 tunable frequencies in each of Sennheiser’s designated frequency bands ‚Äî and more frequencies means fewer dropouts and interference. You also get robust RF performance, with transmission power of up to 50mW. Although it’s powerful, the SKM 500 G4 remains easy to use ‚Äî setup is as easy as pushing the “sync” button. Beyond that, you’ll benefit from up to 8 hours of operation and backward compatibility with previous evolution systems. The SKM 500 G4 sports a rugged design with powerful sound, and is equally suited for arenas, conference halls, and auditoriums.