Wedding Livestream (1-2 Cameras) – Remotely Managed

The Shaky Alternative

With guest numbers being restricted we are all finding that some of our closest friends or relatives simply can’t be at the Wedding Ceremony in person. Up until recently, the only real option was to impose on a guest to hold their phone up and stream through a service like Zoom. The result is often shaky footage, taken from too far away, with poor quality sound that means you can’t really hear what’s going on, and other viewers popping up on the main screen if the settings aren’t right. Even that’s only possible if there is good enough mobile service to start with!

Beautiful Immersive TV Style Livestream

Now your nearest and dearest that have had to be excluded still get to feel an integral part of the action. Our service takes away all the hassle and uncertainty, and give you a reliable stunning quality feed, from high-quality cameras and microphones that can be placed in amongst the action without getting in the way. The whole stream is managed by the Livestream director so everything is set up correctly. We are then able to stream in the style of a TV show selecting from the 1-2 main feeds (or more if you choose) and put logos/graphics to customise your stream, bringing in windows of your viewers, and even live comments boxes. Everything is recorded so you have a stunning memory of your ceremony available straight away. This service is totally flexible so you can pick the things you want!