The Ultimate

production team

for yourEvents 

The Ultimate

production team 

for your Events 

We are LiT

We are a one stop shop of industry standard equipment:

  • Lighting and Sound
  • Staging
  • AV Equipment
  • Photography and Video
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                                      How It Works

01. Get in Touch

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We offer Exceptional Prices.

You cut out the middle man when you hire with us.

02. Create your Event

We will work with you to help design your event from start to finish. 

If you are unsure what you need, we are happy to advise the most suitable equipment needed for the job. 

03. Delivery and Set Up

On the day of the event, we deliver all the equipment to the venue, set it up and oversee its use throughout the event.

All our technicians are professional, courteous, and used to working regularly in 5-Star venues and delivering 1st Class service.

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What We Do

At LiT, we provide quality production for Weddings, Bands and Corporate Events. Our team of professionals will work with you to advise the most suitable equipment for your event from start to finish.

Event Planning & Production


  • Sound & Lighting 
  • Staging
  • Dancefloors

Private Parties

  • Corporate Parties 
  • Bar/Batmitzvahs
  • Virtual Events

Set Design

  • Custom Stage & Backdrops
  • DJ Booths
  • Bars

Corporate Events

  • Audio Visual Services
  • Award Shows
  • Conferences

Live Streaming & Hybrid

  • Live Streaming services for virtual performances or corporate events

Special Projects

  • Channukah In the Square

Discover our Products

Sound Production

Great music is done justice through great quality sound systems. We have our own in-house engineers to bring music to life with a level of unrivalled consistency.

From speakers to soundboards, we use the very latest and greatest technology from world leaders including:

  • D&B
  • Allen & Heath
  • Pioneer
  • Soundcraft 
  • Sennheiser

Our sound systems are incredible!!!

Lighting Production

Great lighting involves using lights to punctuate and enhance the features of the room. Lighting allows you to change the vibe at will.

  • LED Uplighters
  • Moving Head Lighting
  • Colour Washing on venue walls
  • Create a backdrop for the band 

Custom Set & Staging

We use cutting edge technology to tailor the staging for your event. Whether it is inside, outside or on a rooftop, we can accommodate for any setting.

  • Choice of carpet and fascia in any colour to match your branding or event colour theme
  • Choose the shape, size and heights
  • Choose multi levels
  • Bespoke dancefloors
  • Custom Bars
  • Corporate branded backdrops

Customisable DJ Booths

We provide an array of styles for DJ booths so that we can customise the booth to your specifications.

Booth Types:

  • Industrial
  • Felt Finish
  • Lite
  • Projection Mapping

AudioVisual Equipment

Projection Mapping

Our projection mapping produces stunning results. Select any area that you wish to bring to life (a wall, a DJ Booth, pieces of furniture, backdrops, ceilings, even building exteriors) We map the outline of the area, and project custom content on that area.

With this product you can really use your imagination to achieve something stunning and unique for your event!

LED Screens, Projector Screens and Monitors

If you want to make a presentation on stage and you want to play a video, we have plenty of options for you. Whether you want a projector screen, LED screen or even monitors situated around the room, we can accommodate it all for you.

Live Cameras and Switching

With an extensive stock of Blackmagic equipment and a recent investment into PTZ cameras, we have the capability to provide AV for conferences while simultaneously streaming onto a platform of your choice. 

What Our customers think?

"Thank you so much for all your help. Everything worked out so so well. Your guys were great and very helpful. Our heads are very very sore today!"

Gil Jennings

Party Host

“Wonderful singers and lighting, and such energy.  It really was beyond exceptional.” 

Anthony & Sarah 

Wedded Couple

“The music was incredible, the staging and lighting seamless, and everyone had a really fantastic time.”


Wedding Planner