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Remote Livestream Director & Production Suite

This includes everything you need to get started to produce your very own branded and slick Livestream. This relies on you providing your own device on-site (e.g. Laptop) and connecting it to Zoom via a good internet connection. For better results select from the options below.

Pro Stream Bundle: Laptop + HD Webcam + Aux Mic + Stands + Cabling

Dramatically improve the quality of the main Camera view. We will position the camera and microphone with a clamp or tripod to capture all the action. Each set of Cameras and Microphones are connected to their own dedicated laptop and logged in to zoom. Each additional set gives the Livestream Director additional views to select from and will enhance the quality of the stream. This needs to be selected with on-site tech, who delivers, sets up & troubleshoots, then de-rigs.

4g Data Backup


Virtual Guests - 55inch Screen, Stand & Laptop

Have all your virtual guests right by your side! Set up a large screen with a grid view of all your guests so you can capture the emotion of the event as it unfolds.

Livestream Tech + Delivery & Collection

£200 £150
Our LiT Livestream Tech will deliver Camera & Microphone bundles, set them up, log everything on to Zoom for you. They are on hand to troubleshoot and then they collect any hired equipment at the end.

From £500